Chapter 4. Development

Table of Contents

1. Checking out the Source
2. Coding Conventions

This section for the developers working in the Sake project.

1. Checking out the Source

The source code is stored in the Subversion resposity hosted by Source Forge. There are a wide variety of tools available for managing code in Subversion.

The active respository is located at and is free for any person or company to check out. Like any software project, authorization is required to check in changes. Changes are encouraged and completely welcome. Just contact the project owner to get the needed authorization.

2. Coding Conventions

Coding and style conventions can leads to a reduction in creativity and fun. Developers learn what other people have done and make their own informed choices. Thus far, the majority of conventions used on this project are described in article PHP Application Development Part One [FELLS-PHP]. It is only there to help the developer understand why some things were done a certain way.